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Current Group Members

Principal Investigator

Image:Xuan2015.jpg Xuan Gao

Associate Professor of Physics

Office: Rock 104C, Phone (216) 368-4031
Lab: A.W. Smith 419, Phone (216) 368-2578
Email: xuan.gao


Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate Students

Image:nick.jpg Nick Goble

4th year Ph.D. student

Research: correlated 2D electrons in GaAs, quasi-2D electrons at oxide hetero-interface
Email: njg33

Image:sukrit.jpg Sukrit Sucharitakul

3rd year Ph.D. student

Research: semiconductor and topological insulator nanostructures
Email: sxs1019

Image:shuhao.jpg Shuhao Liu

2nd year Ph.D. student

Research: topological insulator nanowires
Email: sxl799

Undergraduate Students

Image:James.JPG James Sheehy

Physics Major, junior

Research: 2D semiconductor FET

Image:quang.JPG Quang Nguyen

Physics Major, junior

Research: pyrite nanomaterial for solar cell

Image:Hongyu.JPG Hongyu Chen

Physics Major, junior

Research: atomically thin two-dimensional semiconductors, oxides


Prof. Mei Liu from Shandong Normal University.

Group Alumni

CheeHuei Lee, now lecturer at Singapore University of Technology and Design
Guodong Li, now research associate at Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden
Juan Du, now professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Institute of Materials
Mohammed Sakr, now lecturer at Alexandria University, Egypt
Hao Tang, now research associate at City University of Hong Kong

Graduate Students
Lei (Richard) Qiu, Ph.D., Jan. 2014, (Thesis: Exploring 2D Metal-Insulator Transition in p-GaAs Quantum Well with High r_s), now postdoc at Ohio State University

Dong Liang, Ph.D., Jan. 2012, (Thesis: Semiconductor Nanowires: Synthesis and Quantum Transport), now postdoc at Wisconsin, Madison

Undergraduate students
Jacob Marx, now graduate student at NCSU.
Jacob Arwe, now Physics teacher at Lowell Catholic High School.
Andrew Richenderfer, now PhD student at MIT (DOE fellowship winner).
Meng (Calvin) Shi, now working at Bloomberg.
Stephen Fleming, PhD student at Harvard University (NSF fellowship and Churchill Scholarship winner).
Mike MacDonald, PhD student at Michigan, Ann Arbor (NSF fellowship winner).
Alex Bunkofske, REU student from St. Olaf College. Project: top gated nanowire devices (summer 2010). Now PhD student at Purdue.
Jason Mast, REU student from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Project: fabrication of suspended nanowire devices (summer 2009), now PhD student at University of South Florida.
Zach Tobin, PhD student, Caltech Applied Physics.
Corbett Walsh, MD student, NYU.
Lily Stanley, PhD student, Florida State Univ.
Vipul Malik,
Chris Wagner,

High school students
Matthew Zhu, high school student from Hawken School (2014).
Zach Bogorad, high school student from Solon High School (2014).
Brian Gao, high school student from Shaker Heights High School (2014).
Tim Foster, student from Hawken School (2013).
Abby Cho, student from Hathaway Brown School (2011-2013).
Miles Bloomenkranz, student from Hawken School, (summer 2010).
Peter Mintun, (Hawken School). Project:assembly of nanowires (summer 2009). Grand Prize winner of 2010 Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair. Now studying at Cornell University.
Other visitors
Dr./Mrs. Zhenhua Wang, visiting scholar from Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Ms. Yuan Tian, student from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ms. YanYuan Zhao, Ph.D. student from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore